Be somebody. Today and Always.

Be somebody. Today and Always.
photography - tomas anthony

In today’s digitally manipulated society, credit is awarded to those who DO rather than those who BE; the act of doing something is perceived as more important than simply being someone.

This is part of an over-arching campaign of cultural & technological enslavement, where the pinnacle of existence seems to be focused on ever-increasing productivity.

We are expected to evolve like every new generation of iPhone:  faster, with increased capacity, and vaster functions.

As you may have already guessed, I disapprove of this logic.

So focused on being better than before, we end up like many upgrades -- with inferior lives in the pursuit of more.   Less is often better, and when it comes to digital minimalism, the good news is that there are new solutions that take this approach successfully with a bit of work and redesign.

Because the opposite is sure to fail us:  

  • If all we do is focus on getting more stuff done, we are denied much of our essential creative autonomy, which thrives more naturally through simply being.

So rather than worrying about what ought to be done or what information needs to be hoarded, one should simplify their life by focusing on what they want to be.  It’s time to start giving less shit about what we believe we are expected to do.

Over the coming 100 days, I will explore how we can create environments that allow us to BE more and Do less - all while living a life filled with abundance, joy, play, peak performance, and health.  

To be clear - I am not suggesting that everyone must abandon everything in their lives and become Buddhist monks.  If you feel the urge to go that route, there's nothing wrong with that.

Most of us are simply looking for ways to BE ourselves - creative, energized, inspired, curious, joyful, carefree, and grateful for what we have and are actively creating = Our Lives.

At the end of the 100 days, I hope you will feel confident, resilient, courageous, intuitive, and filled with your genius.  

While much of life is out of our control, and we may have limited free will, there's hope in the things you can change - and who knows, you may even find transcendence in the process.