The Expanding Universe

The Expanding Universe
photography - tomas anthony

When you change the way, you look at your life - your life changes.

In 1964 Marshall McLuhan wrote the expression, "the medium is the message"[11].   In 2022, we have come to experience how different "mediums" control, reward, and manipulate our attention for profit.  Yet our attention is as precious as time because they are the same.

Looking at our lives from a scientific point of view, we have to ask ourselves these questions.  

Given how pervasive and dominant technology has become in our lives- the everyday environment in which we live, breathe, eat, socialize, and more -

  • From Evolutionary Adaptation (the adjustment of organisms to their environment to improve their chances at survival in that environment), how do we assess and take back control of our minds & bodies via the inputs - environments we create?
  • What are ways to create flourishing algorithms (systems and operating environments) to achieve lives that benefit not only ourselves and our offspring but our community and the planet? -
  • How can we assess ourselves and our actions and develop methodologies and scientific studies on the role of epigenetics and epigenetic inheritance to evaluate the trans-generational costs of our decisions?
  • Since there is an increased awareness that the parental environment may result in non-genetically transferred costs expressed in the offspring, sometimes lasting for several generations, what can we do to ensure that we are creating environments that promote flourishing for all?

We often think that the decisions we make today are fleeting and have little impact on what might happen tomorrow.  

  • But what if the opposite were the case?  
  • What if all we have is right now - and every small decision we make - to improve ourselves and our environment - has a durable and lasting effect on our lives, the lives of our children, and the generations that come after us?

Effective Altruism (EA) is a philosophical and social movement that advocates "using evidence and reason to figure out how to benefit others as much as possible, and taking action on that basis."  To benefit others - we must be able to take care of ourselves.  

To take care of ourselves, we must be able to focus our attention, develop awareness, and create environments and conditions for flourishing that are resilient.  

I believe in EA(Effective Altruism).  But in my 50+ years on this earth, I also think that humans need to develop and feel that their lives are or can be Extraordinary:  

Lives filled with joy, health, connections to the ones we love, and improving all species' fitness(an organism's ability to pass its genetic material to its offspring that helps them survive - better).  

To do this - each person must look at three aspects of their existence:

  • Body
  • Mind
  • Joy

Albeit, a simplified view of everything.  But in simplicity, there's purpose.  

If your body is not healthy, fit, and operating at its' best - the other two areas will have to take up the slack.

The same is true for your mind.  When our minds are burned out, stressed, depressed, and fearful - the consequences for our bodies and joy are profound.

Finally, joy is about our connection to the unknown - energy beyond ourselves - but inside of everything.  When it is absent - disease and grief thrive.

I have spent most of my professional life helping people discover the connection between these three things - I feel grateful to have had the opportunity to explore the intersection of what it means to be and live an extraordinary life.  

I believe in science and the scientific method.

I aspire to find solutions that improve my well-being(body, mind, playful joy)  so I can help others do the same too.  

My curiosity and drive are shaped by a deep longing to know - a human's search for meaning and purpose is never done.

I am energized and enthusiastically love to learn how to incorporate new concepts, methods, ideas, and questions that come from scientific inquiry, like (epigenetic inheritance and effective altruism) to live my life in service of others.

I move through the world coaching, teaching, mentoring, exploring, and creating environments and ways of being (algorithms) of flourishing for all based upon all that I have learned, experience, and felt.

This work explores the connection between our minds, bodies, and joys of existence in both theoretical and practical ways.    

If you like the ideas considered in this post, consider subscribing and supporting future work.

Over the next 100 days, there will be direct ways to work with me - 1:1 and in small groups to build resilient bodies, minds, and joyful lives.  

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